Monolith of Fate Suggestions

Monolith of Fate is far better than what it used to be, but I think the new version could use some tweaks as well. Right now, most echoes aren’t particularly hard, even when you stack a full set of enemy modifiers. They also lack variety and purpose beyond grinding for blessings and certain rare drops.

My suggestion is to add variable mechanics within echos, depending on the echo objective, which add difficulty when a player wants it. It keeps the existing stuff intact and accessible for casual players, but gives players seeking a challenge more to chew on.

For example, if the objective is to kill Admiral Harton, there could be items to activate throughout the echo that add difficulty to the fight (each with their own twist), but also give the player a reward (like “a rare affix will drop” or something). Players could activate as many or few of these as they like, but of course if they bite off too much they’ll die and lose progress.

If the objective is a forge, let’s have it really be a forge. Right now, it doesn’t make sense that a forge would spawn random enemies. Why not make the forge actually a forge? Throughout the echo, perhaps certain rare mobs will drop some sort of item, called it an “imbued metal” or something similar. Once again, they add a modifier to the forge encounter in exchange for a reward. The player inserts the desired item into the forge, which they must now defend from waves of enemies until the metal is forged into the reward(s).

I don’t have a similar suggestion for the spires because I don’t know how to improve on that. I think spires are probably a dud and should be dropped in favor of a new sort of objective, or better yet, more than one new objective.

I also think that MoF could use a way to tie the system together. Presently, they are six separate and unrelated systems, and other than the quest echoes and bosses, there’s not much difference in what you’ll do in any of them, and there’s nothing connecting them together. It would be nice if they were building to something more than being able to empower two of the six, and I think that “something” should be unifying and cohesive. I also think that certain objective types could be unique to a particular monolith, which may add to its identity.

Thanks for reading my rambles!


I agree completely, bonus objectives to increase the difficulty (& reward) scattered round the monoliths would be nice. Speed-runners could ignore them, everyone else could do them & get a more interesting fight/better rewards.

IMO, the spires could be guarded by an elite force of halberd/Lightsaber/Dreamthorn-wielding ninja-Llamas.

Nice suggestions. If it’s not possible to implement into 1.0 defenitely something to keep in mind for further updates and improvements!


I really like the idea of a actual “forge” as reward.

I imagine it either would have special shards/runes/glyphs or just overall better odds of succeeding a craft.

And then limit it use to X number of times.

Not sure how people, that primarily play arena would like having better craft results tied to a game mode though.

I don’t like the idea of a special forge giving better crafts as people would then feel that they should only craft when it is available.

I do like the idea of being able to collect stuff then “craft” a boss with specific attributes and rewards when its defeated, like PoE’s metamorph.

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Yeah, was just a quick idea.

Maybe just getting special rewards, that you can collect and save for later craft would be better.

Maybe with more runes/glpyhs in the future, if some of them are more rare, those objectives could have a higher drop chance for rare runes/glpyhs/affix shards

Yeah, a few rare affix shards would be a nice reward with quantity/rarity increasing in the higher level & empowered monoliths.

This depends on how the devs see the MoF. If it’s an endgame activity among others, yes you could add some optional difficulty and tune up how it works. But if it’s a kind of introduction to endgame systems, it may be good as is.

If they don’t expand on the current system, that would be a major miss.

The system is so modular, they cna easily add as many new timeliens they want and implement new features.

They even can add new “low level” timelines to get more variety early on.

Of course we will get mroe endgame activieties, but i am 99% sure, that EHG will expand on the MoF system.

I think the very fact that they did the huge revamp of it several months ago into its current format shows that it’s more than an intro to endgame.

It’s also not fine the way it is. There’s little variety, minimal choice, and very low difficulty.

Yes, I wish we could use that as a leveling tool, either from the beginning or when reaching the End of Time

I like this forge idea, but only if it is to forge affixes specific to that area - not as just a way to lower craft difficulty.

On that note, maybe certain base types should be specific to a certain monolith. Or some monoliths should have a chance to drop unique idol affixes.

I’m not even saying it should forge affixes, that’s far from my original idea in the above post. I’m saying you get drops in the area that get forged into, say, an explosion of gold, or an explosion of affix shards, or a guaranteed unique drop, or something.

An additional suggestion that might make the monoliths a little better.
Have the mobs near a shrine take on abilities related to the shrine. For instance, if it’s a shrine of haste, the monsters have an extra speed boost.

Always welcome feedback.

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