Monolith of Fate - Appreciation

Finally able to get into the Monolith of Fate I’ve just completed my first Timeline:

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fighting the abomination.

I wanted to take a moment to say how much I really love the new MoF. It’s fantastic. And the new graphics, just wow!

I like the gameplay a lot. The old MoF was rather tedious and it didn’t feel like it really went anywhere (yes, early version, I know). With the new iteration (and I can’t wait to see how it develops even further) you feel a definitive drive towards a goal. You want to go one more echo. I’ve got two quest echoes down, I just need one more, one more echo and maybe I find it. This is exciting and makes for a much better endgame experience. Long time d3 and GD player and this is easily one of the best end game experiences I’ve had.

So well, done EHG.

Bonus: Is it me or does this look like something is supposed to rest here? :wink:


Yeah, look and feel of LE has improved a lot, especially with the new monolith.

The monolith is kind of a story expansion. While the normal echoes just feel a bit to much like only time consuming filler levels, I really like the Quest Echoes.

With continuous balancing and tweaking as well with future expansions I really see it shine!

Imho it would be cool to have a larger impact of modifiers on the difficulty. Maybe shorten the duration (so they don’t add up that much), but make it a lot more dangerous. The continuous health increases are ok. The damage modifiers could be a lot harder. Make the decision between these modifiers really tough. Actually I often can decide for a save modifier (hp increase) or a more offensive mod (enemy crit chance).

Getting to the boss should be a bit more of a challenge.


Actually this is something I’d sort of like to see as well. I think the base echoes could be slightly shorter and I’d love to have the Quest Echoes actually take longer because they ARE more story related. And because they are so much fun!

Possible Spoiler

For instance there’s the one QE that has you fighting alongside some guards, that was just pure out fun and I could have done four or five those groups, running to each one.

Where as with regular echoes it feels more like hurry up and get to the end so you can do the next echo. And when the event to end it is one of those desert maps where it’s all the way on the far side of the entire map, it does drag on a bit.


Agreed on everything said here.

Foundation is already great, devs can further improve upon those quest echoes, make them even more story driven, they could add sooo much to this mode. Some voice overs or small cutscenes for certain milestones.

I am really curious how the other endgame systems, that have still to come into the game, will fit in the larger picture of endgame in LE.

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I’m still on holiday :frowning:

Enjoy those chocolates though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t worry! It’s still there when you come home… propably. :wink:

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I can’t, I’m trying to loose weight. :frowning: It sucks. Let’s just say, the only way my wedding ring (which was loose enough for me to take of and play with when I was 23) is coming off is with bolt cutters (not for the ring). Theres only so much you can explain away with “thermal expansion 'cause it’s hot”…


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