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Monolith of Fate able to loot the chest twice

I play as a beastmaster, and died while trying to kill the boss. My minions killed the boss afterwards and the ‘open a portal’ window apeared. When I respawned into the echo of a world I could click the reward chest. The ‘open a portal’ window was still on my screen, a portal was opened after clicking on it. I could use the portal to port back to the echo of a world (while I was already there). Upon entering there was a new reward chest which I also could loot.

I’ll try to reproduce it and post screenshots.

  1. Minions killed boss after my death (they keep attacking)

  2. In Echo of a World I get the reward chest and ‘open portal’ screen

  3. Loot of the chest and portal

  4. New chest after entering portal

  5. Timeline succesfully conquered even after I died

You can also do this by using the town portal (T) to get back to town after completing a timeline. The “Timeline Conquered” dialog stays and you can use it to get another zone with another lootchest

can confirm. same bug here.
I played a map and ported out to change my skilltree, used the portel to come back and could loot the chest again… I can left “the end of time” with “T” and come back as many times I want and loot the chest every time again. Arena Keys for free.
Pls fix
Thank you

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