Monolith need adjustments - constructive feedback

Monolith do not feel good.
There are three core problems with the monoliths

  1. too few cool things happening in the monoliths. Exiled Mages are great. I’d like more of these kind of events. Higher monster density would also be an important factor here.
  2. you spam too many echoes in too short a time. The duration of the echoes needs to be significantly longer. An echo should last between 2-5 minutes (a progress bar like in rifts in d3 would be a good solution)
  3. the final reward for the echoes should be significantly lower. The corresponding rewards should be linked to events within the echoes or compensated for by a higher monster density.

These adjustments would result in fewer interruptions to the flow of the game. In addition, loot would feel better, as it would be obtained directly by slaughtering monsters and not via the final chest (boring). Overall, you would simply spend much more time doing what is fun - fighting monsters.

In total, completing a monolith should not take longer. We need fewer but longer echoes overall. The rewards lost by completing fewer echoes should be compensated for by rewards within the echoes (higher monster density, special events, etc.).

Currently, the Monolith progress feels like rushing from echo to echo to get as many of the completion rewards as possible in the shortest possible time. This shifts the gameplay focus from monster slaying to mindless grinding and grinding for echo rewards. It simply makes you feel stressed. It’s no fun that way.

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I think exiled mages are great type of event but Idk why they are 100% in every map. I agree on the higher monster density, especially for this type of game but they need to fix the lag first.

Hmm, I think echos do last around 2-5 minutes if you full clear it but problem is, it’s not worth it.

I think the web of echoes could use be more complex in terms of how you strategically explore it. Ideally, you are exploring as far as possible but there could be more options than just the revert/reset rolls… I’m sure if they open a post just for ideas, they will get many great ones.

As far as a boring chest, I do agree that is extremely boring but I am more with having it as an option… More Ways = More RNG = More chances

At the end, I don’t think anything is wrong with the current system but I think having options is always good

And I would add most of the time the corruption level is too low to begin with. I really hope the new unique boss will let us increase global corruption by 100 or something like that

What really feels like a grind is finding nodes to increase your corruption level. You really shouldn’t be still searching for a corruption node and have 3 gaze of Orobyss and stability max’d at 1700.

Yes, the mob density should be increased. I have too many monos where there are the exact amount of mobs in it to complete it, which is kinda annoying if I miss one at the beginning and have to go aaaaalll the way back just to finish it.
I also experienced a few maps where there aren´t even enough mobs to complete it. Its a bug, also annoying.

Can´t say anything about the rest, I´m not so far into endgame …yet.

you don’t need to “complete” monolith. you just need to kill the quest objectile.

Perhaps make the enemy modifiers more significant? As it is now, I basically don’t even look at them. Then again, I’m not in the thousands of corruption. Just an idea.

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+100 for this. I clear echoes in 2-3 minutes, sometimes under 30 seconds. It takes longer to load back, get rewards and start new echo then doing the echo.
The echo should last at lest 5x longer, ideally 5-10 minutes.