Monolith missions not saving after completing


I will complete a monolith mission that will allow for me to continue on with the storyline to eventually fight the boss, and if I don’t do another monolith ‘map’ right after then it doesn’t save the progress, even though I’ve already completed the mission and it shows I’ve made progress on 2 of 3 missions before fighting the boss.

I hope this makes sense.

Happened to me too. Was doing my first monolith (lvl 60ish), did a few echoes, noticed I had access to the first quest, completed it, did a few more echoes then logged off. When I came back, the echoes progression was still there, but I had lost all stabilization and the first quest

I can confrim that this is happening to me as well.
When you finish your monolith, because the game saves that you got blessing, it works just fine but if you don’t finish it you will get rolled back by atleast one echo, even with Stability being rolledbacked. I have screenshots which compare my Monolith progression last night and this morning.
The Spirits of Fire monolith shows that i have completed the first echo quest last night but this morning the quest is locked and stability has decreased.
For Last Ruin monolith I have unlocked The Chambers of Ruin echo quest last night but this morning the quest is locked and my stability has decreased by 30 points
Screenshots of before and after can be seen here