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Monolith max item rarity increased

My character is at the point where it doesn’t die in monoliths when farming, and the max item rarity I have gotten is about 130-140% increased (I can’t seem to find any rarities above 7 monoliths, unless I’m doing it wrong). But regardless, getting 7, 7 monolith options in a row is very hard to do, so generally you have some 5-6 mixed in there.

I think the theoretical max at 7 monoliths and 24% is 168%.

Was wondering if we could get it to just scale continuously upward, so can get some crazy numbers of item rarity to mirror the powerlevel of our characters.

Big support. Farming monolith truly feels like numb grinding because of the lack of challenge. Even at 140 rarity it’s too easy; and I pick mods only based on quantity - 0 respect for the modifiers themselves.

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Is it bad I pick based on the map?

But 100% agree, feels bad dropping down from 7 to like 4 rounds.

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