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Monolith (maps) scaled to my level :(

Im in HC, overleveling a lot, and one day i came to monolith, open map and it was scaled to my level!!! All overleveling lost, my character weak as fuck, quit playing this game. :frowning:

What are you complaining about I don’t understand ? This is the endgame system, you need something that scales, what the point to keep having an area where monsters are lvl25 ? You would OS everything and get 0 exp.

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if you quit the game when your character dies in HC, and you overlevel your characters so that you don’t have a threat to them when playing, then the logical solution is that you should never even consider playing HC

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I dont say level of maps should be 25. Lets say 30. But not scaled to my level! In PoE it works like this…

i didnt die bro.

I assumed that because you said all your overleveling was lost and I assumed you meant your character was lost, my bad. I think my point still stands though, that you should not be playing HC if youre going to completely defeat the purpose by quitting as soon as theres a threat/challenge to your character.

Quick edit: Also, I think most people would prefer the endgame scale to their level rather than be underleveled and unrewarding/unchallenging. I think catering towards your wants would be betraying the majority of the audience they’ve targeted here, although I guess a way to downlevel your endgame would allow everybody to be happy.

What is the point of an endgame system that doesn’t scale ? Must be really borring… And I really don’t see any fun in playing HC without the threat to die. Last Epoch should not follow everything PoE does, we don’t need a PoE clone, we need a new and refreshing arpg.


This is a silly complaint. Thats the point of endgame, to have a place to continually grow your character. You enjoy leveling past 80 at a level 30 monster zone? Play SC.

Opposite: no point to play SC overleveled… thats usuql HC strategy at all games…
UPDATE: just crafted OP weapon so my damage is not that bad now

I agree, scaling is a must. And yes Mikym1, keeping up with gear for your current level and beyond is required…even in POE, even more so for a fresh character.

Also, if you do not like something/anything in life don’t just complain. Provide examples of how you would like to see it implemented differently. And just simply citing another gamer does not equal providing constructive ideas on how to change it.

Furthermore, do you think POE would be the game it is today if people just complained instead of posted well thought out ideas and constructive criticism…well i can tell you for a fact, from a guy who has been playing it since 2012 the game is nothing like it once was at all.

That’s the ticket! You just need to craft gear before you go into the endgame. It’s actually very easy, and doesn’t require you to have an advanced degree in maths, and a four leaf clover to be effective. Craft up some solid defensive and offensive gear, and you’ll be great.

Good luck out there!

my gear before wasnt some lvl 1 shit… i just found better base item, in shop… and BTW i started maps at lvl 46. True is leveling is faster now. Rancihide: its not just complaining its calling for change… especially for hardcore players… solution is easy, just dont scale maps to my level! :slight_smile: Just make it increasing in levels and mods.

If there was no scaling and you could just outlevel all content and items would become redudant, isn’t the whole point of arpgs to build your character to be able to do the appropriate content and not just farming lower level content? No matter if it’s HC or SC. The solution is easy, build your character to be able to tackle content at your level :wink:

All end game should always scale to level. Otherwise it would be bad end game. No Risk No Reward.

well its not that easy becouse in HC you need to put lot of passives to life or life leech and than you deal less DMG… BTW im playing 2H weapon melee so I especially need life nodes…

Have you taken the time to learn how the crafting system works? I hit a wall myself and then sat down to get some crafting done, playing a 2h fire warpath paladin myself, and the damage you can get just from your weapon, rings and amulet is rather insane. Calling for the game to be changed because your character isn’t ready for the content is a bit much tbh :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: not playing HC myself as of now, for the purpose of learning how the game works so I don’t have to smash my face against the keyboard, that might be a solution aswell.

you shouldnt play HC if your a quitter :kissing:

HC is always about survival not dps. Take the time to learn the game crafting especially. I would recommend like has been mentioned to play SC and learn the ins and outs first. In alpha the day before beta released I lost 3 sents in hc one that was level 60 then the other 2 were low level. I learned my lesson and now my hc sent is level 65 with 180 waves cleared. I am sure I can go farther but now I am playing a squishy acolyte that just hit 40.

Perseverance, Knowledge, and Diligence will get you far in this game :smiley:

Im playing warpath and vengeance for single target. Make it to wave 107. Dont have any damage modifiers on rings. lvl 63 ATM

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