Monolith map where you run in water bugs skills/graphics

The monolith maps where you run on water with little bits of land (sand bars) around seem to break things. Static orb for example instantly detonates when used while in the water, instead of detonating at my target.

Enemy skills like the big fire mech shield guys that can fire long range first circle blasts often will clip into the side of the sand bar and water making it invisible. No skills/auras are visible while placed or inside the water.

Player-prev.log (696.2 KB)


Seconding this. The map type is Ritual Lake and I’ve noticed on multiple characters. On a static orb build the orb explodes almost instantly and on my Umbral Blades rogue they just land on the ground right next to me instead of throwing like they should. This only applies to the water portion of the terrain. Needs to be fixed quickly as a map archetype shouldn’t completely neutralize a wide variety of builds.

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