Monolith Lagon with minions

I really can’t understand how to kill Lagon with a minion build. I don’t even think overleveling would be of any use…

The minions are completely obliterated by its eye attack, even moving them to avoid the attack is useless since they are destroyed as soon as they are touched.

They have 600% increased health, and I’m using Sinathia’s Dying Breath that give them 25% all resist.

Having to dodge the attacks with both my character and the minions is maddening, especially because of how unresponsive the pathfinding becomes on that platform.

Guess depends on what minions you’re using, gear and skills passives.

I am using all minions, skeleton archers, fire, Ice mages, vomit fire zombies, and stationary fire wraiths and twin fire golems using the fire minion staff and ice necklace.

I do have to resummon occasionally but for the most part I set them in front of him casting, summon wraith’s and zombies when needed or skeletons to trigger the fire effect, before that I used the usurper axe to get HP back, and wasn’t too much of a problem.

Also, if you really need to, on the right side by his tentical where you come in you can sit there and the beam misses you, having your argo golem in front he doesn’t really turn the beam toward you, but will need to heal from the wave.

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