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Monolith issue

Some players say the further you go in these timeline the more corruption you can get. How come I only can get to +15. I havent seen any higher than 15, there is no way further than that.
i really think this system need some kind of rework or a boost to corruption gain.
It takes ages to rank up corruption with the low amount you get.
I even kill 4 bosses before fighting shade, and its still slow as hell.
I thought these timelines where sort of unlimited but, they are instead rather short.

Its really many maps you need to complete for almost no reward in corruption. At the current stage I dont think its optimal. Its a long tidious struggle of endless maps with way to little progression. I could get it if I could go further out and hit a + 40-50 corruption then it was better but +15 wich is max i have seen is just a joke. You get more corruption rewards just killing a lot of bosses instead. Thats why I kill 4 to 5 bosses before I pick the bad + 15 corruption shade fight.
The idea behind this is good just not right yet in my opinion.

Are you still in non-empowered (i.e. normal) monoliths?

There is seriously zero point in pushing corruption in normal monoliths - its too slow (corruption & stability) and has a cap of 50 and the drops are generally poor because of the lower map levels. Its most definitely not intended - its only there to let people familiarise themselves with the mechanism, not to farm on those I

Its ALWAYS best to push through and enable empowered monoliths first - provided of course that your build is good enough… and yes, the normal monoliths need to be there, else the difficulty scaling up to level 100, corruption 100 in empowered would be far too big a jump from campaign difficulty levels

In empowered you also have the Gaze options to boost corruption etc… There are lots of ways to make it faster to farm gazes too… There are also Orobyss echos that can get up to +18 corruption so you are probably not following branches far enough. Iirc I have found +20 ones on occassion but thats off a big monolith tree…

One very important issue too - that a lot of new players dont realise - jumping corruption too high can effectively brick a monolith timeline until you improve your character or skill enough to compete at the higher difficulty… To reduce corruption back down, you have to then try and beat all the echos and find an orobyss node that is likely going to be too strong… Jumping 50 corruption at a time will be very dangerous for most casual players…

I have completet a hole timeline to see what max corruption was and it was +15, there was no more way to go forward.

Here is an example from a monolith tree in Corruption 100 that I just reset the rewards for… +17 base corruption… with +38 bonus - which is a pretty big corruption jump from one Orobyss run… and thats not with gazes.

Note the second image which shows how big the tree is to get to that level… Remember the trees are randomly generated so you may end up with one that doesnt have enough branches, but from my experience, I’ve usually been able to get pretty far… Also, its important to note that some tree branches can double back before they expand out again… i.e. you think a node is near the end but there is another branch that gets farther away from the start…

Yeah, you need to unlock the empowered timelines and do the level 100 ones to really see the corruption ramp up. If I remember correctly, the non-empowered timelines max out at 50 corruption.

I do empowered ones…