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Monolith farming

Hi, guys how can you farm bosses or a certain timeline but not increase corruption?
For corruption, it says that shade, those that are closer to the center, reduce corruption, but I’ve seen only + everywhere, but neither of them has a label with minus corruption.

Over time, the individual monoliths are difficult for me, and when corruption keeps growing, sooner or later I get to the point where the timeline will be unplayable for me.
So how do you keep corruption within a certain range but at the same time go shade and reset the timeline from time to time?
Is it possible somehow, please?

First off, you don’t need to kill any shade to do the quest echoes within the timelines, unless you literally cleared the entire echo web.

The Shade’s resetting and increasing corruption is an entirely separated system from just doing quest echoes.

The first shades always will increase corruption.
Once you increased your corruption enough, shades very close to the starting point will start to give negative corruption.
The higher your corruption the deeper you need to go, to still get positive corruption from a shade.

If you don’t find a Shade that reduces corruption, I don’t think you have other ways to do it.
The only thing to do would be to do all echoes without fighting a Shade.

But if I want a specific item or blessing from the boss, sooner or later I have to kill the shade.
So with shade echo, over time it will show me either + corruption or - corruption, I get it right?
The more corruption I have, the more often I find a shade with minus corruption?

Yes, the more corruption you have, the further out you need to kill shades in order to keep increasing your corruption because the shades closer to the centre give negative corruption.

Yeah, I get it. I was just afraid that corruption could only go up. Fortunately not. Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Just to be clear.

Shade giving positive or negative corruption is not random.

It’s a fixed value depending on how much corruption you have and how far way the shade node is away from the starting point.

And I always know it from the label for shade echo, +12 corruption means that 12 corruption is added to my existing corruption after killing the shade, and when there is -12 corruption in the label, 12 corruption is deducted from my current corruption, that’s right ?
And one more thing, magic find from corruprion, does it affect drop affix shards / runes? Or does it affect whether with more mf drops more rare affix shards?


If you are refering to the “% incread Item Rarity”… I am not sure if it affects affix shards drops.

It definitely affects how many uniques and exalted items are dropping.

I would assume, it does have some impact, but that’s just an assumption.
Playing very high monolith does definitely gives alot more items in general.

Yes, I meant “item rarity drop chance” from corruption …
I hope your assumption is correct and it has an impact. :slight_smile: But who knows …

@Heavy @Llama8
Anyway, thank you for your time and help in better understanding the corruption mechanism.

For empowered monoliths, the corruption starts at 100. Once you hit about 300 corruption the value on return rapidly reduces (IMO). The closer-in (-) echoes can be saved to reduce the total to around the 300 range for more efficient shade farming.