Monolith Death Bug

Class: Necromancer (minions)

Bug 1: No enemies in any monolith run except the boss
Bug 2: Cant pickup any gold
Bug 3: Shrines dont buff when used (EDITED)
Bug 4: Not be able to go to another area using the “Doors” (EDITED)

Workaround: Restart the game.

Recreate bug: Dying at end (boss) while your minions complete the monolith.

This will let you open the portal and let you complete the run and let you open the chest and loot the items EXCEPT the gold, from this point forward you cant pickup any gold anymore and all other monolith runs you do will not have any mobs in it except the end boss/forge.

(EDITED): Added some new parts of this bug

This is a known bug, we’re still working on a fix. Thanks for the report!

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