Monolith Could Use More Player Interaction

Monolith is shaping up to be a great end game system and already has some aspects that stand out when compared to D3 rifts and even poe maps. However, it feels a bit empty during the run atm. Obviously you guys already have some plans for it, but to support my argument for its importance poe’s breach and grim dawn’s totems are considered to be some of the best additions to the game. It is fun to be running similar echos and then suddenly finding something exciting and engaging, rare idol/affix/unique shrines and uniques tied to timelines are a nice start.

Thus, it would be nice to see other additions to the end game become part of the monoliths to make them more engaging, for example both epoch’s calls and the infernal cache could become rare random events that happen in the echo. Some other ideas is to maybe tie T6-7 items to a rare empowered mobs, loot goblins of sorts, corrupted shrines that add a more powerful, but rewarding blessing to the next several echos, time rift that spews monsters (similar to breach), some extremely rare currency/item drops (since you cant reroll implicits right now, that could be it) or item that can be put into echo for some strange effects. Some of those additions in weaker versions could be added to campaign as well, making it a bit more varying as well.

Otherwise, this is starting to shape out to be a great game, I am excited for the next year for epoch.


It’d be nice if we can continue to farm the monolith with higher modifiers even after we complete the 3 quests. Because right now its pretty boring to go through the first few modifiers every time - they have no challenge, have poor drops, and feels like a waste of time.

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Yeah. Currently you can get around that issue a bit. If you start a timeline again (have you already empowered your timelines?) after completing it, you can just choose to not complete the quest echoes. this way you can stack the modifiers a lit higher.

But I get your point. Would be awesome to have some more spice to it.

  • More choices of different exciting modifiers
  • skipping quest echoes
  • possibility to add more then one mod per map

I thought it’d make sense if the main quests repeats which would be similar to POE’s higher tier maps (or Ubers) with story bosses dropping may be brand new shinies or better quality items, but no it just gets reset back to 0.

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