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Monolith Completion 13/20 (stucked?)

Monolith Completion – progression - I’m stucked at 13/20 and II’m confused.

Quick summary: Before patch 0.8.2,
I was at Timelines unlocked 10/10
Empowered Timelines unlocked 10/10
Monolith Completion 13/20

With the deployment of patch 0.8.2, I decided to get Monolith Completion 20/20.

For The Last Ruin, I had a normal (regular) Blessing. Presumably I had cleared it at lvl 90 prior to patch 0.8.2. I cleared it yesterday at lvl 100 (completed all 3 quests, final Boss) and was correctly rewarded with a Greater Knowledge.

But the Monolith Completion counter did not change to 14/20 as I was expecting but stayed at 13/20.

One more try: for Fall of the Empire, I had a normal Blessing. Presumably, I had cleared it at lvl 80 prior to patch 0.8.2. I cleared it today at lvl 100 and was rewarded with a Grand Remnant.

But Monolith Completion is still at 13/20.

I’m confused. I cleared all 10 monoliths in “regular” difficulty and 3 more at Empowered difficulty: Total 13 before patch 0.8.2. Since patch 0.8.2, I have cleared 2 more at Empowered difficulty (regular blessing before running them and was rewarded with greater Blessings upon killing the Boss but the counter “Monolith completion” is stucked at 13/20.

Any advices/comments?

Ty all

  • Jorunar

I don’t know, it’s been like that for a long time. It doesn’t appear to take the Empowered monoliths into account despite counting them in the total.

I am also stuck at 13/20… I would like to hear from DEVs if possible, please… GREAT beta game by the way =)

I am having the same issue