Monolith boss issue (lagon but maybe not only)

I just get kill by lagon and killed him at same time (i think due to my DoT on him).
I got the blessing choice windows and was able to pick it. (so first bug, i am dead i should not have it , no ?).
Then i had the “respawn” button/windows and got back to the monolith’s usual room.
The monolith"s stability is back to 0 … as the boss is dead (second bug… i was dead first, it should not count ? and it should have lower only a bit the stability).
And so as i was doing the quest, it is not validated, no bug there, but i have the full stability to redo instead of just 1 echo.

Hey… This is a known problem with defeating bosses when you are dead… happens with DoT mainly but can also apparently happen with minions…

Devs know about this issue…

The mono progression that goes weird would obviously be “fixed” when they fix the main bug…

oh ok sorry then, didn’t seen it in the bug.

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