Mono of Faith Blessings that dont provide character stat boosts

As a side effect of certain Monolith of Fate Timelines only providing drop rate boosts, I simply dont run them… I have almost every blessing discovered in all the timelines that offer character stat blessing and no more than one or two of the others…

I realise the recent additional special unique drops in certain Timelines might motivate running those monos specifically for farming but I do not think that this is enough of an incentive to run the non-stat boosting timelines…

Recommmendation - offer some other character boosting blessings… Or other non-stat boosting effects that are better than just drop rates… E.g. the first timelines experience and gold blessings are imho more of a motivation - especially for levelling chars…

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If you don’t care about drop rate blessings, then don’t pursue them. If you don’t feel you have a reason to run specific monos, then don’t run them. Those are acceptable, personal preference based choices that do not automatically mean a design problem exists. There are always going to be things somebody doesn’t care about or doesn’t want to do no matter how they’re incentivized.

Meanwhile, putting stat boost blessings into the same pool as drop rate blessings is a very poor idea. It would be the same as removing the drop rate blessings altogether because almost nobody would choose them over character power.


I think that perhaps I was not clear on my motivation beyond the blessings title.

Its effectively a lot of content that has little motivation to run more than once or twice… and the recent update by the devs seems to indicate that they are perhaps aware of this by adding more incentives… I am simply providing my feedback that perhaps they could consider additional items.

I.e. Running the other islands over and over tends to mean that you miss out on the the other content and content themes/maps - effectively making the whole Mono of Faith “half” as interesting.

Your comment about no-one chosing drop rates over stat boosts if they were in the same pools is just a different way of agreeing with my general comment… That is exactly why I currently dont run the non stat boosting timelines - so its effectively the same thing - the one just means no-one would chose them over stat boosts and the other just means no-one runs the timelines because the boosts are secondary…

Just my feedback on the devs recent changes

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I’m going to agree with Vapour, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze for the Lance and… Wow. Don’t even remember the Harton one’s name hold on. Fall of the Empire. Yeah, those blessings are things you might get if you’re farming something else in their timeline (if the time taken to do the quest echoes is even worth the time).

Rather than replacing the blessings, maybe add a smaller (but still useful!) randomized stat boost to ACCOMPANY the drop rate blessings? 30 health or mana, 5% endurance, 10% crit avoid, 40 dodge rating… Something around those numbers. Useful, but not as strong as the other blessings since you’d still be getting the drop chance as well.

My issue with these timelines is that I don’t feel or perceive the benefit.
OK, I have a drop rate boost for a certain type of item… but I don’t see it. I’ve never felt any influence of the blessings on my drops.
If I’m not the only one, it may be interesting to change the drop boost and give it another shape, more perceivable.

I can see why people feel, that they don’t have a imapct, but they certainly do.

It’s very important, that all those meta blessings give you more items/affix shards.
They do not weight the loot.

The Idol one is most definitely the one, that has the largest impact, that you can certainyl feel.
The affix shards ones are definitely the ones that have the lowest impact, because droppign specific affix shards directly on the ground is already super rare.

The specific item slot ones are hard to grasp, bu they certainly make a big difference.

If some1 is not interested in the Timelien Specific Rewards nor the Timelineboss drops, not running a specific timeline is totally ok.

I don’t think there needs to be something for everyone in every part of the game.

The meta blessings that I personally do farm on characters, after I got decent empowred blessings (I usually don’t even try to get good meta blessigns before that) are:

  • The Idol Blessing with the Idol Type, that has 2 very important roll, that I wanna use for a particular character, if all the good Idols only have ONE important affix (prefix or suffix), I usually go for the experience Blessing
  • Weapon Type Blessing
  • Helmet or Body Armour Blessing, if i desperately need a T5 Skill Affix Blessing on one of these slots.

Those blessings are definitely not priority for me, but for min-maxing after Level 70-80, they give me an extra boost in motivation to player a character very long.

After i got these meta blessings, i usually proceed to farm perfect rolled empowered stat blessings.

Yes, that’s my point. They have an impact, we should feel it. But I don’t. :wink:

Maybe having the boosts rotate through the islands every two weeks or something could work.

Thats actually quite interesting… for me it would mean doing all the content rather than only concentrating only on the timelines with character boosting stat blessings…

I like this… no idea how practical it would be but it resolves my concerns 100%.


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