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MoF sequentially, or rush?

Any thoughts on doing the MoF sequentially? i.e all 10 stability then all 12 stability etc. Or is rushing out to higher stability rewards better?

It really depends on what you want to achieve.

If you want to “complete” the timeline and move to the next or want to farm the timeline boss, you should go outwads, away from the starting point as soon as possible.

If you actually want to hunt specific rewards, I would solely do echoes based on rewards.

You can mix and match those tactics to a certain digree (go outwards and only do de-tours fpr very specific rewards),

There is not realy benefit in doing all the low echoes, other than they are a little bit easier, so if you are struggling on a given timeline that could be a good stragey, but then you also could move to a easier timeline too.

One thing to note here, which is important:
More rare rewards (like exalted, idols and specific unique/set items) are more common, the further you are away from the starting point.

If you plan to end up decked out in exalted + legendaries, just blast the normal Monoliths, and get your grind on the empowered ones.

The main reason is that on empowered you get L100 base monsters, that means every item can drop in any monolyth, also you get the 50% Magic find from the get go.

The only problem is that there’s a huge step in difficulty from the latest normal L90 Monos without corruption and the starting L100, 100 corruption empowered ones, if you feel is too much, you can go back to the L90 ones, but from a progression perspective, you want those Tier 2 blessings and the enhanced drop rate ASAP.

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