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Mods on Skills

A little suggestion for mods on skills. I will use Detonating arrow as an example.

Instead of randomly placed total conversion nodes, they can be placed at the end of a tree, which not only change the nature of the skill, but the whole skill tree itself. Like Frostfang arrow can be placed at the end of a tree branch and all the other nodes on the entire skill tree will change to cold/ frost passives or atleast greyed out so as to not allow passives that are rendered obsolete by Frostfang to be chosen. Like Dragonarrow, which could now become Winterdragon Arrow, icicles instead of fire orbs. Chain lightning could become Froststrom, where enemies hit by Frostfang arrow emit pulses of frost, no damage but high chance to freeze. Scorpion arrow could just be posion chance instead of poison conversion.

Also things like Barrage, a good skill in my opinion, but renders most of the skill nodes useless. Some pretty great ones too and kinda needed to get to other things on the skill tree. Choosing Barrage should convert ‘Detonating time’ and ‘Arrow stuck in target’ type nodes to something else. Maybe Detonating time nodes could become tiny chance of a secondary explosion with more aoe and less explosion damage. Arrow stuck nodes could become enemies recently affected by explosion. This makes the skill trees a lot more versatile than just choosing Barrage and many such nodes are just bricks now. Rapid Detonation could become Barrage Detonation with high chance of a second Explosion of same damage and aoe and a very low chance of a third detonation with high aoe and freeze chance but no damage.

That’s just one skill. Similar reworks can be done for almost all skills. Please share any other such ideas.

I would not like to be able convert most skills into too much other damage types.

If it’s well done and skill specific and every skill still has alot of flavour, depending on the element i could see something similar to this.

But I personnaly would not like too much homogenizing.

Every skill should still be very unique and every conversion should be meaningful.

If too many skills are convertable into too many different damage types they lose alot of their flavour


so while you progress toward Frostfang you have to take useless cold / frost nodes? I can’t say I like that idea…