Modifier key to loot!

It would be nice to be able to hold down “Shift” key or some other key/button to loot anything I run over. Seems the hit boxes to loot items either are too small, or my input gets eaten. I can’t even count how many times I have died trying to pick up an item in a mob fight only to have it not loot the item, then I die trying to loot it.

An option for that would be great, imo! Doesn’t have to be on by default, and it would not be auto-loot since I would have to hold down the key + walk/run over the item!

Just a suggestion! :slight_smile:

You died because you accidently clicked on the item? Or did you die because monsters where hitting you and you thought it would be a good idea to do this mid fight? If the first happened that never happened to me. If the second happend pointing finger on Crizzo “HAAAHAAA!”. If you bend over to pick up stuff in a fight it’s okay to get fu… hit in the back.

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I am confused, I even double checked… yep, Feedback and Suggestions.

Since this is not about dying, but about a QoL feature request, in the Feedback and Suggestion forum and not the I need an opinion from Macknum section, maybe learn the purpose of Feedback and Suggestions?!

I give feedback to your feedback that is bad :man_shrugging: . Calm down not every sugestion can be something usefull and while we are in a feedback section get redy for feedback… even on feedback.

I do agree that the “hit box” of gear needs a little work, I often end up clicking multiple times when I’m trying to pick something up. Hopefully the devs will improve this in the future, but I doubt it’s a high priority.

I’m glad you’re providing feedback, but this issue is one that the devs will unlikely implement for two reasons:

  1. They want you to feel like an item is worth picking up before you pick it up so just vacuuming up everything without looking at it does not fit their desire of the game.
  2. If you’re picking up everything then you’re doing things the way most other games work and not how LE is designed to work with loot. Things aren’t intended to be there for you to pick up everything and sell it, but only to find something you need. Your inventory will get gorged way too quick a lot needlessly.

You also shouldn’t be trying to pick up items during combat, but make sure there isn’t something that is going to ambush you while you are inspecting gear on the ground.

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You also shouldn’t be trying to pick up items during combat, but make sure there isn’t something that is going to ambush you while you are inspecting gear on the ground.

I agree, that was just an example. Also, not everybody has builds that can just run through an Echo or Arena and then backtrack for loot. Some people die, and if they don’t loot a certain item when they have a chance, they could lose out on it for a long time if it is ultra rare.

I get not wanting to have every item looted, which is why having an optional key to hold down and running over certain items would work vs. trying to click several times.

My suggestion isn’t about looting everything or avoiding dying while looting, it is about making looting easier. I have loot filters to hide junk, so if something drops, I am going to pick it up 99% of the time because I most likely need it or want it!

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And I suspect, given the devs comments on picking up shards, that this level of automation is probably a step (or two) too far for them.

Sacred 2 had something similar where you’d pick up everything in a radius with a key press, though it also had substantially less loot, no loot filters, etc, so I’m not sure how far one can draw a comparison.

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