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Modarim's DMG Calculator Update 0.2.0 - Includes QoL, Crit, Poison, Shock, Shred Updates! (Example included)

This is the first major update to my dmg calculator. Tell me what you want to see added next! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Update Showcase and Example Video

Features added:

  • Crit and Crit dmg calculations as well as Crit hit DMG and DPS

  • Ailment tab got added. Contains calculations for Shred, Shock and Poison as well as Crit Vuln.

  • Added Example calculations.

  • Added a Comparison Tab.

Lootfilter Template

First Calculator Video

DMG Calculator

This was a lot of work despite being a short video! Don´t forget to like, sub and so on if you would like to support me. See you next time!



Really appreciate the work you have been putting in lately. Would it be possible for you to give a full example of when you enter numbers in? I fail to use it properly (getting like 500 DPS on a skill which my tooltip says 5k). I assume I am missing something.


Sure will do!

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Great to hear. If you need any help (for instance I could give you my skill of choice and stats, so that you have a “real” example).