Mob Nerf

these are far to over powered
void cleric
rime giant
and golems last boss temple line attacks one shot
last boss one shots cold lighting or wave 2nd phase

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Lots of forum posts about this… Concensus is that some people like harder normal mobs & some dont… A lot are hard hitting but with telegraphed action so that you can get out of the way. Some just require knowing the mechanics of how they attack and learning to deal with them… Others poke holes in your defences forcing you to re-evaluate your gear/skill choices & passive nodes…

There is some thought that there needs to be a balancing across all normal mobs because a lot of them are old (i.e. from may game versions ago) and havent all been updated in line with recent game changes. It is definitely obvious that some mobs are way too easy and others are a big jump in threat level by comparison. Maybe the devs will address this… maybe they will not…

BTW… you forgot Skymages, Soul Cages and the ranged Ice & Lightning Elementals that one-shot you from off-screen… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Except only one of those can actually hit you from off-screen.

Malock, Last Epoch requires that one build more for defence than damage, unlike other aRPGs. If you want to share your build, the community will be happy to help you improve it, as well as make suggestions as to dealing with any mechanics you may find challenging.

Yes Dad… Lightning Elementals…

To quote my dad, if you can’t say what you mean, you can’t mean what you say… Though I have yet to use that on my own kids yet (I think, unless I’ve just forgotten).


As we say in French, “ce qui se conçoit clairement s’énonce aisément”, which means about “what is clear in your mind is easy to say” :wink:

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Personally I like the fact that there are some enemies that are lethal even if they are non rare. The enemies listed here almost all have telegraphed attacks or a clear wind up animation. With the knowledge that rime giants will destroy you, if you try to facetank them, you will avoid this in the future.

Also these enemies only oneshot you, if you lack defense. Else they still hit hard, but you have a bit of reaction time when the damage comes in.

Melee characters have a bit harder time avoiding the damage compared to ranged, since they can kill enemies with lethal close ranged attacks before they can dish out their damage.

I don’t know how many hours you have played. As a first impression, when you just started the game, some enemies seem a bit strong. I’m sure you think different on your 2nd/3rd character.


I guess it’s more difficult for people who come from fast HnS where mobs modifiers hardly count. Games like Diablo 3 for example. Or maybe PoE as I’ve read, but I don’t play it so I don’t know.
Last Epoch is a far more slow game, but where every information is important. It can take a bit of time to get used to it.

Yeah. I’ll admit that I am used to it, because I’ve played LE consistently since the Steam EA start. At some point you just know every mob ingame and what he does. The void clerics were annoying for me, too. I died a lot to them (I have a very flat learning curve in video games :grin:) Today they are not.

So I appreciate that there are monsters ingame that force you to not just face roll your keyboard to get through the game :rofl:.

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false the only enemy’s that have telegraphs are a few bosses (all bosses should have telegraphs) as per “animations” that is to fast to react. (or cast and they die mechanic) hours played 59.9 plus have played most classes level 66 is my highest.

My statement is not “false”. Many normal enemies have telegraphed attacks. The void clerics you mentioned in your OP cast circles on the ground where they will hit with their attacks. And lots of other enemies have, too. Attacks aren’t always shown as yellow glowing Ray’s, but many enemies show exactly where they will hit so you could avoid these attacks.

The wind up animations are more difficult to read. Nonetheless they help to avoid damage.

I’ve about 1k hours in LE currently so my view on this topic may differ from yours. Please don’t take offence on my reply. It’s not meant to be. I get your point. All I say is that if you pay attention and after some time you really learn the different enemy’s behaviour automatically.


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