Mistaking frustration for difficulty

So I finally got around to pushing through the story and I reached the Liath fight and - erm - well, OK

It’s mildly frustrating to find a boss which counters or ignores all your abilities so you’re just going t have to chip their health down over (a lot of) time but it’s far more frustrating when you realise that should you need to quit , you have to replay the previous 2 (almost identical) levels for absolutely no good reason whatsover.

There’s a fine line between difficulty, frustration and “padding the game to avoid have to create more content” and you’re veering sharply into the latter end of that…

I was enjoying the game upto this point but it got boring pretty quickly when I realised I’d be fighting the same enemies over and over until I could level/adjust my build to counter a boss unlike anything upto that point

In fact my general feeling is “fuck it, other games to play”…

Hey ho - that’s feedback I guess…

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IMO the story after they shove in the yulia paradox starts to decline in quality, but people rarely play arpg’s for the story I guess. As far as gameplay padding goes, they could use some more waypoints, or at least a waypoint outside every boss room, would help to say the least

One just before or just after Liath would be welcome.

I check back on LE every 3 months and noticed lots of pure filler/transition zones where added in the campaign up to Lagon in the last year.
These zones have no objective/quest inside or sometimes not even a portal. So pure padding in regards of campaign hours played.

As an example. There is a time rift near the Immortal Citadel (Rust Lands) that leads to an empty room which is named The Overgrown Alcove. There is nothing inside and the whole zone up to this room is a dead end time waste except the monsters that naturally spawn inside.

Currently the campaign feels bloated in regards of transition and immersion and even if you removed 20% of the leveling campaign zones it would still feel like its padded for no reason.

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This is a totally optional side areas, and might be usefull for sometimes else :stuck_out_tongue:

While i definitely agree that artifically streching the campagin by using non inspired filler sones is bad, not all optional side zones need to have an obvious purpose :imp:

Well it would be good to mention that by the time you get to that fight you’re leveled enough to go to the end of time and do the monolith of fate, rather than running through the filler zones to level.

This time rift also leads to an area where you kill Orchirian and get a unique relic.
But I agree, this place looks like a placeholder for future content.

What skills are you using that Liath “negates”? Her teleporting around is a bit annoying but it’s a pretty short fight if you have a reasonable build.

I don’t understand why there isn’t a portal just before Liath, since farming campaign bosses is kinda pointless compared to farming the monolith bosses (which the made way easier in 0.8.2).

From memory, there’s only 2 zones between the portal after getting the moon fragment things and Liath and they were there when Lagon’s area was added back in the day.

I do agree though that those two zones could either be removed or have a portal added just before/after Liath and some form of quest.

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The Liath fight is pretty easy one. So with all respect maybe you should question yourself if your build is good? Maybe ask some help from the forum members by uploading your character to Last Epoch Build Planner ? There a great deal not so obvious things in LE that might have escaped your attention.

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Although his build may be suspect it is not all unusual to die in this fight especially the first time through the campaign. The frustrating part is going through the 2 "dead’ zones before you can fight her again. I agree with the posts above stating the need for an addition waypoint near this fight. Pissing people off is not a good way to get good recommendations which sell your game,


It didn’t take long for someone to blame the build - any question about any ARPG always causes some testicle lesion to say “your build sucks - git gud”

If the game is designed such that you will ALWAYS be able to roll content and never need checkpoints - why does the game contain quite a lot of checkpoints everywhere else!?

The solution to “the game is stretching content in a lazy way” isn’t “build a better character” - the key thing here is “design a fun game for everyone to play” - this isn’t PoE, punching players in the balls isn’t the developer’s motto (I hope)

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That’s because it’s the most obvious answer to half of your complaint - You died (repeatedly?) to a fight that is not as difficult as you make it out to be.

It’s not invalid feedback that there could stand to be a closer respawn point to Liath than there is, but that feedback stands on its own. It is not made more valid by your extreme exaggeration on the difficulty of the fight - “she counters or ignores all your abilities”, for example, is factually incorrect.

That is the solution to “a player died to a fight that isn’t difficult”, though.

None of what you’re describing qualifies as “punching players in the balls” and I’d advise you to tone done your aggro and hyperbole if you want anyone to listen to what you have to say.


The difficulty or otherwise of the fight has nothing to do with how many zones you need to walk back to if you log off before getting through it then killing Lagon. You complained about the Liath fight, which is fair enough but then you linked it to having to walk back two zones which is only a thing if you think “####it, I’ll try it tomorrow”. I agree that there should be more portals in that area, but I don’t think that Liath is too difficult per se.


Yeah, not to shit on you, OP, but the fight itself is a build issue. I don’t think I’ve died on it on any character. It’s not to say that I couldn’t conceivably make a build that will eventually, but it’s not that incredibly hard in terms of the overall difficulty of the game.

There is a certain irony in your post title relative to the content of the first post…


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