Missing Stash and Character

I’m entering orobyss monos but game crashed when I logged in, the character I used cannot be found, stash is empty all shards gone, gold is gone, all things from 167hrs is gone.

I tried loading the _temp files but nothing happened.

Steam Cloud is auto sync.

I attached the log files

Log files :
Player-prev.log (100.0 KB)
Player.log (41.5 KB)


Hey there… Welcome to the forum…

According to the player.log you have a corrupted savegame - 1CHARACTERSLOT_BETA_9. The way the game loads savegames and the global stash file, if any savegame file is corrupted, it prevents loading of the others and can sometimes even prevent loading the stash file too… It can even sometimes prevent you from creating a new character (it disappears after restarting the game). File corruption can occur if the game crashes - this is unfortunately just something that can happen.

Removing this file (or if you are lucky, replacing it with the _temp version - provided its not also corrupted) should “fix” the problem.

Unfortunately, a side effect of Steam Cloud saves is that its “dumb” and doesnt know that a file is corrupted, so Steam just overrides a previously good copy with the corrupted file and can sometimes even corrupt the file itself if its sync is interrupted.

To do so, you need to:

  1. With the game NOT running, backup all files in the Saves folder.
  2. Disable Steam Cloud saves…
  3. Remove the offending file 1CHARACTERSLOT_BETA_9 (or replace it with the _temp version if its ok)
  4. Re-enable Steam Cloud and make it sync to LOCAL not CLOUD. (if you dont, then Steam just copies “its” messed up file back to your local machine.
  5. Restart the game

You should now be able to get to your stash and other saves.

Note: EHG has no copies of your saves/characters - everything is local to your machine so if you dont have any previous backups of the corrupted file(s) then any progress on those characters are lost - no-one can help.

For future peace of mind, I recommend that you backup your last epoch save files before playing - that way the worst that can happen is that you lose the last playsession of progress. I do this for ALL games that I play that are in Beta or Early Access.

Game crashes can be mitigated to a great extent by being conservative with in-game settings and quality. There are lots of performance related instability issues that virtually disappear if you tone back settings in favour of stability while the game is in Beta… e.g. I can make the game crash on my old 1060GPU just by increasing quality settings or removing the FPS limit - so I dont…

Thanks, I tried the solutions above but it still didn’t work and I can’t create character as well (probably due to the corrupted file that it cannot load).

I’ll just delete the corrupted file and start again.

If the renamed _temp one doesnt load then that is your only option…

Thankfully, removing the problem file solves the problem 100% of the time… it unfortunately means you lose whatever character that was…

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