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Missing skill points and randomly misplaced passive points

I have 1 missing skill point, one of my specialised skills is level 18 but it has only 17 points, a point is missing where I’m sure I have allocated it to a node.

Two of my passive points are misplaced by bug, which i’m Sure I allocated them somewhere else, but they got moved to 2 other places and even I have respec’ed all my passive points, they are still there misplaced.

After relogin, the misplaced passive points became 8… 8 points were reallocated to somewhere I don’t need…

Sorry about this! Unfortunately it’s difficult to work on these issues if we can’t reproduce them, though if anything similar happens again your log file would help a lot.


Having the same Issue with my Mage. Unfortunatly i cant upload the logfile, the forum does not allow me (because new users cant).
Playing on windows 10 home edition. This occured today after the patch (0.7.0C). Yesterday i put 10 points into Storm Duelist, now they are allocated at Prismatic blade.
If you want the logfile lmk, i made a copy, but as i said i cant upload it but its 65mb so email maybe doesnt work either.

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