Missing Passive Points after Respec


I’ve read on the forums and seen many posts about missing passive points, but I believe my case may be different afaik.

My character is about a week old so should not be affected by changed quests as I started playing with Act 9 update and quests.

I am level 93 currently and did some heavy respeccing, in which I lost nearly all my extra passive points from quest rewards I assume.

I now only have 93 passive points.

I have completed all campaign and side quests on this character.

Thanks for any help.

Original post :Same here, missing 3 passives, lvl 58, and only 68 passives on Druid
Edit: I found them. Turns out they were not missing, just displayed wrong on Passive skill tree Sum for classes :slight_smile:

Ahh I see. Wish I’d looked a little more closely. Didn’t check one of the trees that had more than displayed (had gotten frustrated at the time lol.) Much appreciated for the response.

My game is bugged however. My level 98 character only has 108 passives. The max passives is 113 correct? I tallied up all of my passives and there are the 108 is correct. I have finished all of the new campaign content as well.

Hey there… Welcome to the forums…

Can you confirm that you have done all side quests & completed all quests/chapters of the game with the character?

Tunks website has an easy list to check against…

Also when counting the passives… can you confirm you counted the individial nodes - not the totals on the left…

As far as I know of all of the side quests are done. When visiting the towns and talking to NPCs I was never given anymore quests. In my case the numbers listed and the individual nodes is actaully corrected. I checked that.

Hmm… thats pretty odd then… At lvl 100 its 113… you have two more to get for your levels but that still leaves 3 left somewhere… Wish there was a simple tool like Dammits build planner that could confirm what quests you have / havent done…

This might be a long shot, but other than manually checking each quest is done I’d suggest that you verify the game files to check if something hasnt gone wonky on your installation…

I have checked everywhere I cannot seem to find where the points have gone. I just have to assume at this point that my character is bugged with no way to retrieving the points from my end which is really disheartening. If a dev could look at my game file if they have time to see what the problem is that would be great. It would also be nice too to see a list of acquired points per character like PoE has.

Just to double check, you added up your points from within the trees? Originally I was adding up from the display of points in each tree instead of going through the trees adding up each thing (and that display was bugged which is why I thought I lost points.) Just checking, it’s all I can think of.

This is most likely do to a display error once you go above a threshold of a mastery that is locked. We are still considering options with how to display this information to players without it being confusing.

Thanks for the report.

Yeah I counted up the points and did not rely on the displayed number. I am definitely short points.

I dont believe this is a display error unless the display is that I do have the passives allocated still but they are not visible and the number displaying the points is also inaccurate. Is it possible for me to send the save file to you guys to verify?

You can upload it here though you may need to zip it.

These are both of the characters I wanted to play and then noticed that passive points were missing. CharacterSlot1 I think is only missing 1 which is not a big deal, but I think CharacterSlot3 is missing 5.


Is there anyone working on this or am I just missing something?

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