Missing health bars on some enemies

The Drowned Husk enemies in The Ruined Coast don’t have floating health bars above their heads, despite the “display health bars over enemies” option being ticked in gameplay settings. Enemies in other areas that share the same model as the Drowned Husks also don’t show floating health bars. Health bars appear over other enemies as they should.



Happens to me aswell, tried veryfing the files but still the same. Every other enemy has their life bars normally

I found that applies to basically all husks and not just the drowned variant.

Interestingly, it reappears in some circumstances. It’s hard to tell in the fray what does it though. Maybe effects attached to the model bring it back? I notice that sometimes magic and rare versions of husks have a health bar, but other times they don’t. Maybe those with visible health bars have a buff with a visual effect that’s “unhiding” it. I also don’t notice the problem when playing DoT heavy builds.

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