Missing Badges

New player & really enjoying the game so far!

I purchased and played Last Epoch before I made my way to the forums. I purchased all of the supporter packs but some are not showing up for some reason? Is there a way to verify what is attached to your account on the forum, as to figure out which badges you should have? In game it states all are owned.

Thanks for your time!

(Edited for context)

I got the same issue. I purchased the Eternal Traveler pack and is not showing on the forum badge page.

EDIT: It seems mine has appeared now so is probably just a delay?

Same issue

Mine are missing aswell. I have created this account yesterday and linked it to the proper Steam account. After I did this I’ve bought two of the supporter packs and received the badges as intended.

However, I already bought the other two supporter packs in November 2023 from which I didn’t receive the badges yet. I bought those two on Steam too. So in my case the “Eternal Legend” and “Eternal Templar” badges are missing.

No big deal but if someone from EHG could look into this I’d appreciate it!

Edit: For anyone stumbling upon this post - the issue got resolved super easily and quick through the ticket system!

I would like to know when Mine will show up too

How can i know if i missing some badges? i was on CBT for example, is any badge for that ? or i bought this game March 14, 2021. thanks! :slight_smile:

got the eternal templar pack but no badge showing is there a process for this?

I bought Eternal Vanquisher via Steam but theres no badge in the forum here. :face_with_monocle:

Same issue. is it a newer player thing where there’s a waiting period?

I have the first traveler badge but it isn’t showing in the forums too.

Mine appeared, thanks!