Miss 3 passive point after 9.1 launch rising flame

Dear customer support,

I’ve played and leveled on my Lich (called Mortis, online char.) for 3 level before I realize that there were a bug and that we didn’t get passive point.

AFter the latest patch of last friday it’s fixed and I got point again when I level, BUT I still miss 3 points!!!

Please can you allocate me these missing point, I don’t wan tto have a build miss missing passives!

Thanks for your help,


Hi there,

Any news or maybe actions I can take on my side to help this issue getting fixxed please? I’m missing passive point cause I was leveling after the big update ><

After counting I have all the points now, that’s weird cause I gain 3 level without gaining any point…but as I am level 92 with 105 points then it’s ok!

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