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Mirror Item = Mirror Craft = 3/4 Suffix and 3/4 Prefix

I was running on the map, when I dropped a wand. I took the wand and finished the map. When I checked my inventory, I noticed there were two equal wands.

So I decided to craft one of the wands until it was fractured. When I finished the craft, I realized that the other wand that was in my backpack had been gaining the same properties of the wand I had just crafted. Also, the wand in my backpack was not fractured so I could craft it (since it already had the properties of the previous wand).

Moreover, at the craft table, the properties of the wand did not appear. As if she were a wand yet to be crafted. For this reason, I could craft one more suffix even though she already has 2.

Moreover, even though having T4 in its properties, as in the craft table the properties did not appear, I could craft T5 as if it were T1.

Finally, the wand that I forged first and was fractured, gained the properties of the second wand, which I forged afterwards.

This resulted in 2 equal wands, both with 3 suffixes. And it could have generated up to 4 suffixes and 4 prefixes.

can see the image here:

Sorry for any confusion with English. Any doubts I am available.

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