Mirror Images are bugged

I have been investing dozens of hours testing every aspect of the teleport skill and I can in good conscience summarise that the Mirror Images do not actually taunt the enemies.
They shoot an elemental attack, which is very slow and it fails to agro even full-life enemies.
If the user chooses to have multiple Mirror Images, they will concentrate their fireball on 1 enemy at a time, which besides being very inefficient, still fails to agro the aforementioned enemy.
They spawn in a very tight radius and have very low HP even at lvl 100 with 96 int (which is as strong as the player can get them without hindering other aspects of the build too much), so they die in 1 single enemy aoe (not even boss) at any corruption level.
Suggestion: Why can’t we have a dummy or the functionality of the dummy applied to the Mirror Image models you have implemented? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time, some simple things just work and can be recycled.

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