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Minor Bugs

I’ve found two bugs so far.
The first one is a bug i already know from PoE sometimes if you click your abilities to fast your character gets stuck in casting. Had this happen a couple of times so far but I can’t seem to replicate it without enemies. (Maybe it has something to do with enemies that die from casts while targeting)
The other one: inside of the arena you can teleport on top of some of the ruins. if you do so u can continue casting some of the offensive skills but utility skills don’t seem to work any longer which means restarting cause you can’t teleport down.

I was able to copy the bug even with skills like Focus and this time I can even move while i have the buff effect. If i cast spells the buffs remains. Only if i tab Focus again it goes away. (Got it the same way as mentioned above rapid clicking of the skill bottun and then casting other spells/ moving)

The bug is easier to perform if you spam Meteor beforehand with a lot of projectiles (causes heave performance issues even with a good PC and lowest settings) then right after tab Focus repeatedly for like 0.5 - 1sec and u have perma Focus buff (even after loading screens etc.)