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Minions disappear @College


i m playing Necro and all my Minions disappear after leaving “the great College” when going back to “imperial Welryn”.
After loading screen there is also a short grafik bug and only a big grey screen where i m “flying” for 1 second or so.

Tested this several times also after Restart game.

Similar problem here. I entered “Welryn Catacombs” from “The Ruins of Welryn.” My minions disappeared. The skill effect icon is still on so they must be somehere but i didn’t see them in my screen. I decided to take out the skill icons to erase my minions, then re-summoned them all back again. Never happened before :frowning:

Not exactly the same, but when I enter Welryn Catacombs with Primalist my Wolf is disappeared and come back about 45 seconds later without recast.

Looks like when Minions disappear they are somewhere but not where they should be :wink:

Just had this problem as a primalist. Sabertooth and wolf disappeared when entering catacombs, they reappeared shortly after. I believe this is due to them engaging enemies in the previous zone when I entered the catacombs. They reappeared about a half minute later this is similar to the amount of time it would take for them to finish enemies alone. My guess is they finish their fight before following us down. Is this intended?

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