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Minionless Lich build and general Minion AI

After playing my lich today I got some points that actually make it very hard to play him at all (at least how I would like to make it work).

Generally I find it quite lacking that there are no real perks to having no minions at all. I love the “DoT-Lock” kind of play but am not a big fan of minion based builds.
Maybe some perks in the Lich tree to give buffs when you have no minions activated, especially perks that increase your tankiness, would be nice.
So to not die immediately I tried to put at least a golem in that is beefy af and a decent tank, but…

The whole thing is just more or less useless. First off it is way too aggressive and starts attacking mobs that aren’t even on my screen and if it does not attack constantly it runs around chasing low life minions while I get shredded by the big guys. I mean I understand that there are mechanics that allow you to mark enemies but being forced to skill into Undead Harvest or a similar skill just to have a golem that does a slightly intelligent thing is just not good imho.
Two things I think are needed here:

  1. Put a leash range on the golem, meaning he only chases xxx units away from you, and if the enemy leaves that range he snaps back onto you and stops chasing.
  2. Just put it into a specialization to make him always focus your enemy (or an enemy you click). I mean it can get bigger and can become (allegedly) better at drawing aggro, but that does not matter if he runs off my screen to chase an enemy instead.

P.S.: I am aware of the trickiness of developing a good AI. So no flame towards your developers here, there are certainly more important things than fine tuning the AI right now.
But still wanting to mention it.

I kinda agree that you should be able to play Lich without minions the same as warlock without minions. When you ascend the 20 points into “acolyte” should go away so you can play without minions or with, whatever you want to do.

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