Minion targeting

Minion targeting AI behaves stupid in some situations.

  1. When minion have enemies nearby, is can choose a random target far away and start running next to it. Then after running too far from the player, it starts running back, without attacking the chosen target. That’s a few seconds of running, instead of just attacking monster right next to it.
  2. When attacking a pack of enemies, minion can choose the target in the back or in the middle of the pack. Then once again instead of just attacking enemy in range, minion tries to run around the pack to attack the chosen target, or even running into the enemies, trying to push them away to access the target in the middle. This is especially noticable with large model minions like abomination, that often gets stuck in pack of monsters and not attacking.

Would be best if minion just attacked any target in attack range, while sticking to the player. It seems minions instead choose a random target in particular raduis much bigger than attack radius. It’s good to have a big aggro range, but nearest enemy should always be prioritized.

Also I would like to ask for a bit of QoL. Would be nice, if abomination and other minions persisted after logout.

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would be nice if we could select from a setting a monster type priority for them to attack 1st, like Rare/Unique monsters, especially when stacking up those rare and high health enemy modifiers containing increased Health, speed, damage modifiers in the Empowered MoF, it can get quite deadly when all of the sudden you think your minions got your back then suddenly take a 1 shot because they were attack other less dangerous mobs instead. There is a setting for minions (which I have assigned to my mouse4) that aggro’s them to my target that I’m on, but it would be nice by default if they did indeed have an aggressive default behavior towards attacking unique/rare mobs 1st if they are in aggro range, heck, even add this type of behaviour into a unique item or something.

I definitely agree.

Keep in mind though, there is a specific monster affix that (I believe) makes the monsters ignore your minions and go straight for the player.

true, hence the need for such a feature because with all the mobs surrounding the rares in certain situations, the player cannot always obtain the rare target in their crosshairs, expecially in Arena where large amounts of packs are swarming on you at the same time.

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