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Minion Stats

I was testing some buffs to my companions and when i went to see their stats nothing is increasing, when i activate frenzy totem which increases dmg and attack speed their stats wont go up, same with Aspect of the Shark, i have Hunters of The Deep which makes Aspect of The Shark proc on companions and whenever i proc it their stats wont go up

Character Sheet does not show alot of situational stuff, like the things you just mentioned.

There is generally alot of information missing at this point, but i guess that’s an ongoing proccess.
Permanent and global stats would be more important first.

All of the temporary stuff you mentioned is not super important to be represented in the stat sheet IMO. But it will most likely also come at some point

Companions do have all the inherent minion stats, but they are their own type of minion and are not represented on the character sheet, that’s why it’s not shown.

Thats what i thought, with time i believe it will come but its not a necessary thing atleast for now. Thank once again.