Minion Resists

Can we get the minion resists to be displayed somewhere, please? They’re too important late game to not know, IMO.

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I think I read somewhere that in general almost all of them are 0. If they do have resists, they’re listed as enemy modifiers or buffs in Monolith. I have to imagine the ones you can’t read are around 30%. (Like with the giant fire-resist scorpions.)

But I agree, it’d be nice if this was information that was actually shown somewhere in the game.

He’s talking about minion resists not enemy resists.

Excretus, the devs are working on a revised character screen but it got pushed back by MP.


Then again I think it’s easy to keep track of minion resistences because it’s one of the least utilised stats I’ve seen but it would be a nice QoL for sure.

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Now that you mention it, I recall someone telling me that minions have -75% resistances or something like that recently. So even when you increase them, you’re only reducing a penalty. I’m not sure where they got that information though, I’ll have to ask them where they read that.

I think i might know. It’s the same place my eldest gets most of the things that come out of his mouth…

May have been true in an earlier version of the game. They have been following it for awhile. I don’t know.

They may have been thinking about the mob area level penetration & minions generally not having any resists by default. Which is a question for the devs I think & they may not be wrong.

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Oh! That makes sense. I hope we get an answer on that at some point, that’s interesting.

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Minions have 0 resistances by default.

There is some ways to give them some, storm crows can get some res, you can get some from certain passives etc.

But for the most part, minion resistances are niche/not that useful. Minions take 50% less damage from everything by default, and then have up to 45% less damage taken iirc from the “minion power” stat you gain on level up after a certain level(its in the character sheet)

So minions are already taking 0.65 * 0.5 = 0.325 of the total damage. Grabbing resistance can help them not die, but you will never have a situation where your minions are res capped, there is simply not enough sources of minion resistance currently.

Minions die because they stand in stupid aoes like dummies and have bad sustain usually, or have poor health values, or all 3.

Even with necro who can get 18% all res for minions, and 25% from a set mace, minions will fall over if they are squishy ones :stuck_out_tongue:


Weirdly a very small amount of resistances and extra health makes them sustainable though, especially on Acolyte. They must have insane health regen or just built in mechanics that allow them to live. I know Bone Golem in particular gets the ability to regain health per attack, but even before specing that they’re insanely tough.

But without resists they’re probably also taking 75% more damage for 56.9% of the original hit. But yes, the main issue with minions is them standing in stupid, which is why they get several less damage taken modifiers.

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