Minion-related Monolith bug

The below description makes Monoliths no longer spawn mobs:

If you die at the end of a Monolith run with minions and they complete it for you, you can open the portal and exit through it instead of respawning and losing your progress. However, when you do, the following Monoliths will not contain any monsters (apart from the boss. Unless it’s the altar or the storm / fire totems, they do not spawn at all and you’ll have to leave and then have your Monolith reset.

Didn’t get to test if you can continue as normal if you relog before the next Monolith after your pets finish one for you.

I also just experienced this bug with the game. Died on final boss and minions finished the monolith for me. After clicking on the portal it allowed me to leave and obtain the reward chest at the end. Can no longer pick up any silver, but can continue to loot items from barrels and kill the final boss as it is the only thing that spawns unless like he mentions, if its the totems etc. Exiting to the main menu and logging back in does fix the bug, however, All monolith progress is lost.

I’ve tried briefly to reproduce this bug and wasn’t able to. I completed the monolith while dead and then continued on to new monoliths, and everything worked as normal.

If anyone encounters this issue again, please upload your log file when it happens.


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