Minion poison damage formula

If minion damage increases both poison damage and damage over time at the same time (as seen on screens), does it mean that increases in minion damage basically increase poison damage by twice the amount? Because poison should be increased by both poison and dot damage right? How does the formula look like?

Or is it just a visual bug in the tooltip? Because then increases in dot damage should also be added to the poison damage tooltip? Or am I stupid?

before minion dmg added:

after minion dmg added:

Minion damage is just a sum of your highest total minion damage

“Minion damage” = ‘all damage’

yeah but then it should just be an another increase, instead its adding the increase to other stats and it basically works twice for poison damage, just tested it on dummies

Because your poison% went from 85>270 and dot to 78>263

if those increases were ONLY minion poison the numbers for poison would be far higher because the rolls are higher for singular stats

No, it doesn’t double dip but the character screen will apply all relevant modifiers to each line while the damage calc only applies them once.

except it does, I tested it on dummies and 100% increased minion damage gave me way more poison dmg than 100% increased minion poison dmg

That’ll be a bug then. The devs have said that the character screen double counts everything it possibly can while the damage calc doesn’t. What I described is what should happen.