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Minion Physical damage not increasing Spriggan's Orb

Operating System: window 10

Detailed description: I’ve been trying to increase Spriggan’s damage. Spriggan is tagged for Physical so I thought Minion Physical Damage property can increase its damage. I don’t think it increases much. Then I tried Minion Damage and it does increase more than Minion Physical even though my Tier 5 Minion Physical gives over 100% damage. Perhaps Minion Physical damage is only for Melee? Please look into it.

I am rather confused by Minion Damage and Minion Physical Damage to be honest. I don’t know why we need two properties. Minion Physical is probably designed for Melee pets and their Bleed damage which scales with Physical damage?

What were you doing at the time? just killing things

How consistently does this happen? all the time

Your system information:

Your log file:

Spriggan’s Vale Orb skill does deal physical damage and should be affected by both. We’ve quickly tested this internally and it does appear to be working.

The difference between Minion Damage and Minion Physical Damage is that the former affects all minions, whereas the latter does not but typically offers a larger increase in damage. We’re certainly open to feedback on this, however. :slight_smile:

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