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Minion Information - how do we find it?

Hi, I’m wondering how to find minion information, like on how much damage a minion does, or how bleed works, or what type of damage skeleton mages do.

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Hi there,

I think there could be a clean up of the tooltips especially related to minion skills. That might limit some confusion here. Additive and multiplicative +% mods are fine, but there is no given base formula.

In the character pane (default C), toward the bottom, there is a tab titled “Minion stats.” That pane will give you all the modifiers to your minion skills such as damage, cast/melee speed, spell damage, dodge, regen, etc.

Not currently supported by tooltips, the only trick I’ve been using to test damage changes from ability nodes or gear upgrades, is to only summon 1 skeleton (after turning damage numbers on in settings) and go let it smack a few mobs - make the changes, repeat and compare.

Bleed deals physical damage over 4 seconds. An enemy can have multiple instances of bleed at once.”
I agree these DOT affixes should give more descriptions, at least in the adv tooltips. Same with poison, ignite, plague etc.

Edit: Side note - you can also find the wording of on hit effects such as these in the character pane (default C), under “Other stats” pane. Just hover over the stat and the tooltip will give more information.

Skeleton warriors deal physical damage (nodes to augment with necrotic).
Skeleton mages deal necrotic damage.
Skeleton archers deal physical damage (nodes to augment with poison).

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Thanks for the detailed answer! I was hoping to get a clearer picture of what damage you give up to take, for example, more minion health. I won’t try your excellent idea of just summoning one of them, too time consuming. I’ll wait to see if new patch contains a build planner!

By the way, the tooltip in the “C” tab only shows generic minion changes, it does not show specific changes from levelled skills. For example, it shows 16% increased cast speed for skelly mages from the passive tree, but not the 40% increased cast speed from the skill tree.


You can calculate minion health pretty easy as the advanced skill tooltip tell you minion base health and HP bonus from INT and level. IE skellies is 180 +9 per INT/level.

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