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Minion hitbox and player collision

I’ve played my Necromancer to level 70 so far, and it’s been great fun. I have however a question to the developers:

Do you plan on keeping the player-minion collision?

In my current set-up I average about 20 minions, closer to 30 at peak moments, and as a ranged caster I’m sure you’re aware how important positioning is. Several times I’ve tried to push my way through my minions to avoid an incoming ground attack and failed, been stunned, and taken a lot of extra damage. I feel like this really interupts the flow of gameplay, but it does add a different aspect to contend with compared to other ARPG summoner classes.
Another follow up from this is that only so many melee minions can reach a mob before they start piling up behind - I’ve respecced a bit to do my best to avoid this but personally I feel it takes away that idea of a skeleton army, I rather need a skeleton squad if I don’t want to lose DPS.

I can understand if you want to keep it this way, all I’m looking for is some confirmation either way!

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