Minion hit FX toggle

Could we get an option to disable both outgoing and incoming hit effects for minions? The framerate tanks heavily if you have a build with a lot of minions.
For example, going up against a handful of bitterwings with over 20 minions can chug my fps down to the 10s, and I’ve even hit sub 10.
Both incoming (because some enemy hits can hit all targets in an area) and outgoing (because minions can cleave and just having a large army can cause a large amount of fx produced) not only reduce framerate, but also add a lot of visual clutter making it even harder to know what’s going on.

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It’s probably not the fx that’s causing the issue but the cpu having issues with procs on the hits.

Maybe, but I’d still like to see the option added.

This scenario is not thread-bound. When you watch it happen there is no spike in CPU activity. I’ve tried it with and without thread affinity and see no difference (on an i7-7700HQ). When an application is thread-bound you really see it max all the activity on a core trying to keep up with the stream of instructions. On a game like WoW you’ll see this all the time and really hurt with a low end cpu. Not happening here.

It is very similar to the other scenario you can generate at will; charge through an echo with 200+ mobs chasing you and the system will shutterbox to very low frames. When it does this the CPU doesn’t change (I even tests HAGS here with no effect), and more surprisingly the GPU activity plummets. There is hardly any difference between low or high graphics – in this scenario specifically.

Both scenarios have very strong indicators that the game is passing nowhere near enough data to the system. The system is practically idling, even dropping in usage.

@vapourfire any wise insights?

Lol… where the hell you get that? :wink:

I have observed very similar things to what you describe… and based on my understanding of CPU usages etc, it is obvious that LE is leaving a lot of CPU processing on the table. Why? Who knows…

Its almost as if the game code is limiting its use of the CPU rather than taking advantage of it - I only run on an old 4 core i5-7500 and I have NEVER seen LE max out the CPU - not even one core but it obviously maxes out my 1060 GPU to 100% in a heartbeat if I let it.

Now while I dabble with a bit of code here and there, I do NOT consider myself developer and I have zero experience specifically with Unity development so I have no understanding of what could be going on in the background… I did find a pretty decent tutorial article about Unity Performance. which is very helpful in understanding the general impact the the CPU has on the various parts of Unity code… My take from it, is that this is a very complicated issue with lots of nuance that is likely going to need a proper dev from EHG who understands the way that they have coded the game to give some insight on why it seems like LE doesnt use more of the available CPU resources.

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