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Minion Health Regen

Hello, want to preface by saying that the game has been awesome so far and I am super stoked to see what the final product will be like.

With that said I have had an ongoing bug which I at first thought was just an inaccurate tooltip for the stat, but upon testing and timing my minions health regen with and without regen gear on, I think my character is just unable to receive the regen properly from gear. I am going a wraith build so this stat is very important.

Regardless of my gear the minion stats “increased minion health regen” remains at 25% (due to passives). I have also timed how long it takes my wraiths to decay with and without gear and there is no difference despite the fact that I have this stat on my gear. Attached I have 3 screenshots showing the minion health regen stat on my gear and showing it with the belt and relic off. You can see that my minion health regen remains at 25%

Thank you :slight_smile:

Wanted to add a link to my last epoch build planner, I know this is a third party site but it also shows my minion health regen as 0% despite having stacked this stat on my gear.
Thank you

I think on the gear is flat minion health regeneration, in the statistics it is not listed at all (unfortunately). You can see only the increased health regeneration in %.
The statistics and tooltips need significant improvement.