Minion health cant be used?

I have several primalists that can apply minion health regen on both helm and relic, but my sentinels which are higher lvl can’t apply to either one. In fact my sentinel gear won’t let me apply any minion shards other than damage. Swapped to primalist and can apply to any of my primalist helmets but not to a sentinel helmet, am i missing something? I have 216 +MHR shards and have tried on several different lvls of equipment. It’s really gonna break this alt if I can’t use it. Any ideas?

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Affixes are item & sometimes class specific so you need to be careful about where they can actually be used when planning your gear… Affix slots are VERY valuable because of this and it can be pretty tricky to figure out how to benefit things. Most of the time the devs have done this either on purpose to prevent abuse of the skills or where they would be OP because of class bonuses already… Other times, affixes (usually ones that dont exist yet) havent been fully tested by the devs in time for a patch release so they have delayed their inclusion entirely or limited their use for now… And finally, devs choices can be thematic based on how they see their classes being played…

Last Epoch Tools is a great place to look up affixes and gear… as well as many other tools for LE builds/planning and skill info.

Sentinels only really have Manifest Armour, Ring of Shields and Forge Weapons (I think thats all of them) as minions and they get minion health regen in different ways… Not to spoil it for you but there are some uniques and other interactions that help with regenning your minions health…

You can’t apply class-specific affixes to non-class-specific item bases, that minion health regen affix is primalist/acolyte-specific.

You can only apply Minion Regen to a belt for all classes, but if you are playing Sentinel you have only 3 minion types. Manifest Armor scales off your characters own stats so you can get Regen on Helm/Boots and MA gets your gear bonus. Ring of Shields/Summoned Swords get the belt regen only. The swords die eventually anyway from escalating degen

Sentinel can also add minion health regen and minion health affixes to legendary helmets/relics that are not class specific.

i am a bit confused here. on both Tunklab and it shows that “Ursine” prefix can be applied to Relic. But when i try to gear in the build planner and when i am in game it wont let me apply Ursine to a Sentinel Specific Relic . One can however add it to one of the “generic / non class specific” relics say “Golden Chalice”. Is this intentional as it seem overly punitive to allow a Manifest Armor FG to use say an Argent Crest and be forced to use one of the generic relics. Is this intentional or perhaps something which may be fixed in future ?

and what is even more weird is that the Sentinel specific relic can equip “Commander” / minion damage prefix but not the "Ursine prefix.

As you can see, Ursine requires either a Primalist/Acolyte class-specific relic or a non-class specific relic (eg, the chalice/grails).

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thanks @Llama8 for that clarification on what the “non-specific” really means. I just find it really strange that you can equip Commander but not Ursine. Feels like and unintended oversight.

I don’t think so, since the Primalist/Acolyte are far more minion-heavy classes, while the Sentinel has 1 “proper” minion skill (Manifest Armour & that scales with player gear), 1 support minion skill (Ring of Shields) plus Forged Weapons.

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