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Minion damage type


I’ve searched for a bit but I cannot find which type of damage minions do and also how much damage they do. Anyone that can point me in the right direction for this information? Thanks! :slight_smile:

When you hover the mouse over a skill you can see the ‘‘scaling & minion tags’’. When you additionaly hold ALT you can see more details about that skill.
Here you can see some more details about base dmg, base crit etc. for a specific skill. Choose a Character, press S for skill & specializations and hold ALT again for more skill information:

Example: Summon Skeleton Mage
Scaling tags: Minion, Intelligence
Minion ability tags: Necrotic, Spell
Base damage: 8 Necrotic

Each point of Intelligence you have increases the dmg for Skeleton Mages by 4%
Look for stats like: Minion Damage, Minion Spell Damage…
What’s not working is: Minion Melee Damage, Necrotic Damage (there is no Minion Necrotic Damage, but once you skill into ‘‘Pyromancers’’ they lose the Necrotic tag and gain the new Fire tag. Therefore you can scale their dmg with Minion Fire Damage.

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Thanks for the info! :slight_smile: