Minion Collision with Other Minions

One thing that really kills the fantasy of having an army of minions or companions is the fact that they don’t have any collision with each other.

Seeing my 3-4 wolves stand inside of each other and run through each other not only makes for a jarring sight but also subtracts from the fact that you have 3-4 wolves, not just 1 weird hydra with multiple heads that occasionally split into multiple wolves.

Even worse when you’re playing a Necromancer with 10+ minions consisting of Summon Skeletons, Summon Skeleton Mages, Summon Golem, Skeleton Vanguards etc all fusing into a messy blob of deceased mass.

Giving minions actual collision with each other would not only look much better visually but also (at least I believe so) contribute to the gameplay style of minions serving as a meatshield, making them more effective at blocking enemies from reaching you if they spread out and create more of a wall pushing against enemies.

Might be something slated to be looked into for the future but figured I’d leave feedback regardless. If anything, being able to toggle minion collision depending on how it would benefit your gameplay—perhaps a melee Beastmaster would prefer their minions not spreading enemies out while a ranged Necromancer would prefer their minions to block as much as possible and so on.

Thanks for reading.

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I’m just a newbie with necro summons, played them to 55. I do not think we need more calculations, rather less and perhaps a little visually simplified. Exactly at the times you suggest, when many stack. I play via GeforceNow streamed service so it’s not very laggy for me but streamers I watched can go into powerpoint presentation slideshow fps.

Sneaky ways to co-calculate interactions in big groups is perhaps more useful, going forward?

There are pros and cons to this.

Try playing a necro with a lot of minions and then cast Volatile Zombie.
Now watch as it struggles to find a path to reach the enemy while being unable to pass through all the other minions…

If anything I would want minions to have absolutely no interaction with each other.
They should not be able to reduce my DPS just because they have to find a position from which they are actually able to do anything.

I’m already aggravated when I see all my archers shooting a wall instead of walking behind it to shoot the actual enemy, if they also had to form a neat line to pass through doors and maybe even be unable to all enter a small room, hence destroying my whole build, is unacceptable.

What I want is for them to get out of pools of poison, I don’t care if they have to compenetrate each other to do so!

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