Minion attack command suggestion

Simple ask here that makes sense to me and would help a lot of us minion players. I love the basic attack command (currently re-bound it to “T”). I noticed though that when you use it, currently it will move minions to that point first and then have them start attacking when then get to that point.
This is great as it allows us to move our minions out of AOE, and reposition them when needed., but can be frustrating when you are sending them into battle and they all cant seem to get to that spot being that things are in the way.

I would love to see a (Shift + attack command) or another command in general that we could bind, that would allow minions prioritize attacking things on the way to assigned spot, similar to old Starcraft style attack commands that would have them attack everything within range along to the waypoint you created. This would really help with minion gameplay, and feel more like you are about to Command your army from the back lines.

P.S. (dream scenario here i know but ill throw it in there : would be nice to be able to create sub groups of your minions and assign keys to access them, being able to give assigned groups of minions different positioning and attack commands.)

Don’t you want to make RTS from this game ? :joy:
But i agree sometimes i send my wraith to fight and he dancin in circles around me.

just would like to see better functionality of the command. can confirm with the dancing…or better yet when you send your wraithlord in to fight and he goes and runs off the screen to go see a man about a dog…comes back later with a pack of smokes and a bag of cheetos.

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