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Minion AI

Are necro minions going to be getting the wolf treatment? Played a little on my wolf primalist and noticed the wolf AI was massively better than anything my necro has.

Short answer, yes.

Wolf has some new AI for testing purpose for quite soem time and all other minions eventually will get the same or similar treatments

We don’t know when this will happen though.

I also hope that different minions will eventually get slightly different AI’s, but that might be to complex for the first iteration already.

Unsure that will be the wolf’s precisely, but minions’ AI will be upgraded soon, yes.

I thought it was in the last stream that Mike said “next patch”

Thank god, I will actually want to play my necro again, running through packs of mobs with my minions ignoring them just so they can walk alongside me and ignoring attack command because I am moving is getting… irritating.


Yea, i will wait for the patch, the necro minion AI right now is bad, in order for the minion to attack you have to stop walking is really bad. Hope the patch will drop soon.

1.5-2 months unfortunately.

well, at least i know i can bench my necro as basically worthless for a few months and play something else until then

easy fix for now , while walking, aiming at the target will make minions engage.
that’s what am doing and its working nice so far.