Minimap and map overlay failure

map overlay sometimes doesnt load or the mini map itself

I have run into this twice. Both times, I had been playing (map was working fine), then backed out to the main menu, then logged back in on the same character, at which point, neither the minimap nor the overlay map shows anything except my character pointer and a quest objective (no walls, etc).

  • Changing the overlay map zoom/opacity settings did not restore anything.
  • Going back to menu and coming back in again did not restore anything.
  • Returning to the menu and logging into another character, that character’s map was present
    • Subsequently logging back out and logging in as the original character, the map is back

It appears that the map disappears only when logging out/back in as the same character.

Version 0.9b, Windows 11

this was incredibly helpful thank u so much for this temp fix

Bumping this to report the same issue occuring on Desert Arena in MoF Fall of the Outcast. Meant to upload a picture but I lost it :upside_down_face: