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Mini map

Can we have the ability to zoom in and out of the mini map please ? Annoying and difficult to navigate when doing large levels .
Icons on the map I think are very dull so it’s hard to identify quests and new quests and the n my case missed quests !
Is it possible to have npc names too when mousing over them . I’m terrible with names and handing a quest in to a certain NPC there isn’t anything to see who is who .

Agree on zooming of minimap. I imagine there will be some rework on quest icons - I asked something similar on discord.


This was the first thing that hit me to… the mini map needs to be better.


As a visually impaired player would it be possible to also add the ability to move and resize the minimap ?

An example of this would be:.
Instead of it being at the top right could we be able to move it to the lower right and maybe make it bigger with resizing handles?

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not sure if this helps you but there is an overlay map that you can toggle on and off by hitting the tab key. other than that i would agree more features for the mini map would be good in the future. being still alpha phase of progress im sure it will happen though. one thing i do notice is the mini map on occasion tends to not show the area at times and when you move a little further the minimap will show up again

A zoom option would definitely be interesting, but its not terrible currently as it compares to most other arpgs. Do not forget you can move around the map using the arrow keys.

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